Monday, 9 January 2017


9 January 2017 – Cape Town, South Africa – Bali, Indonesia

The time has come for me to say goodbye to my lovely family and all of my awesome friends. Once again, I did not get so see everyone, but I did spend time with my mom and met up with my longstanding Facebook friend, Diana, who I spent a lovely day within and around the Winelands of the Cape. We watched a hilarious duck parade and had a glass of wine on the lawn. Bliss! I walked in the mountains, ran along the beachfront, paddled with my dragon boat friends, and spent countless nights shooting the breeze next to the “braai” fires. In all that time, I only cycled once; I could just as well have left the bicycle in the box! On January 9, I boarded a plane for Indonesia, from where I will slowly make my way to Malaysia and meet up with Janice for our “Kaula Lumpur to Bangkok” cycle. Watch this space! Now, it's time to get back to my normal life on the bike as I wonder what Indonesia will hold!

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