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24 October - Altivas – Caticlan - 107km - Caticlan by ferry to Boracay
Again, I woke up early (what is happening!?).  Good thing too, as it is much nicer to cycle in the early morning. I’m sad to say that it took me much longer than an hour to get to Kalibo!!!  The last part of the day the road ran next to the coast, and although hilly, it was absolutely stunning. I can say very little else about the Philippines, other than that it is beautiful!  Again I felt good and sped up and down the hills, past more villages and roadside stalls, until I reached the small village of Caticlan.

At Caticlan I had a taste of what was to come!!  Bangka boats lay ready to cart the many tourists to and from idyllic Boracay Island. It felt a bit like a madhouse compared to the last few days. I joined the crowds and boarded a boat for the short ride to Boracay Island. On the island, the madness continued and there were tourists everywhere!! They ate and they drank, they swam and they shopped!!!  Bali is nothing compared to this!!! 

I soon found myself a room and it was hardly anytime at all before I sat wriggling my toes in the sand, sipping a beer and ordering a pizza!!  Fitting in with the rest of the tourists did not take me anytime at all!!!

25/26 October - Boracay
Things are rather expensive and I suppose I could get a dorm room for much cheaper, but I had a rather nice room at a good discount, so I stayed put. I did not dive, or do any of the other nice looking things on the island, as the prices were nearly double than what they were anywhere else in the Philippines. Only the beers were the same price, if you have one at one of the places that advertised specials, so I had a beer or two and sat watching the madness.

Sometimes I feel like such an outsider - I’m not Filipino but I’m not a proper tourist, either.

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